Breaking: Trustee of Infamous Mt. Gox Denies BTC, BCH Sales Affected Crypto Markets

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More Than $140 Million in Bitcoin Moved From Mt Gox Wallets

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Bitcoin Price Drops Again in the Wake of Mt. Gox Liquidation Speculation

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Mt Gox Rumbles and 8,200 More Bitcoin Move, as Crypto Markets Worry

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Mississippi Doctors Sued Mt. Gox for Bitcoin Loss Now Worth $133 Million

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Mt. Gox Bitcoin Missing in Relation to Mysterious Death of Exchange CEO

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Mizuho Picks Off Lead Plaintiff in Mt. Gox Collapse Suit

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Bitcoin Bankruptcy Wasn’t Really a Bust

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Mark Karpeles Will End Up Taking $859 Million From Mt. Gox Bankruptcy

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Ex-MtGox Customers Seek to Certify Class Against Mizuho Over Withdrawal Issues

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Mt Gox Bankruptcy Claimants Are Not Happy With Possible Distribution Outcome

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Mizuho Says High Court Ruling Winnows Mt. Gox Claims

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Bitcoin Exchange Operator Arrested Amid New Questions About Mt. Gox Theft

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BTC-e Operator Indicted and Connected With Missing Mt Gox Funds

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Where’s the Missing Mt. Gox Bitcoin, Now Worth $2 Billion?

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The Curious Case of the Missing Mt. Gox Bitcoin Fortune

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Bitcoin’s Soaring Price Means Bankrupt Mt. Gox May Soon Be Able to Pay Its Creditors

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Bitfinex Comes Back From $69 Million Bitcoin Heist

Similar case but different outcome.

Mt. Gox Insolvency Scenarios

Reddit thread of interest.

Mark Karpeles Pacifies Creditors Amid Fresh Bitcoin Payout Confusion

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Bitcoin’s Price Rise Brings Mt Gox Closer to Solvency

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Bitfinex Deposit Halt Stokes Fears of Mt. Gox-style Meltdown

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Mt Gox Trustee Wishes to Proceed to the Bankruptcy Distribution Process

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Less Than 2% of Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Claims Has Been Accepted So Far

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Coinlab Lawsuit Causes More Delays for Mt. Gox Victims

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Mt. Gox Victims Hounded by Hackers Looking to Cash In

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Kraken Announces a List of New Developments Regarding Mt Gox, DAO and Namecoin

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Mt. Gox Creditors Seek Trillions Where There Are Only Millions

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Breaking: Tokyo Trustee Completes Review of All Mt. Gox Claims

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Mt Gox : A New Revelation Surfaces

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Mt. Gox and the Mother of All Short Squeezes

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Judge Dismisses Mt Gox Class Action Lawsuit in Canada

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Security Concerns Forces Mt. Gox Trustee to Hold Off Release of Bitcoin Addresses

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Nobuaki Kobayashi Decides Against Making Mt Gox Bitcoin Addresses Public

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Mizuho Can’t Take 7th Circ. Detour in Mt. Gox Dispute

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Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee in Favor of Publicizing Exchange’s Bitcoin Addresses

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US Judge Rules Mt Gox Class Action Can Continue Against Mizuho Bank

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Japanese Bank Can’t Escape Mt. Gox Bitcoin Class Action

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Bankruptcy Trustee Report

Click here for the bankruptcy current report by the trustee. English follows Japanese on page 9.

Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Claim Update Shows Investigation Is Far From Over

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Great Moments in Shaun Bridges, a Corrupt Silk Road Investigator

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The Mt. Gox Bitcoin Debacle: An Update

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Tokyo Cops: Mark Karpeles Spent Missing Mt. Gox Funds on Prostitutes

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Mt Gox Bitcoins Reportedly Moved to BitFinex, the Day Before Black Monday

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Mt. Gox CEO’s Arrest Leaves a Long Trail of Unanswered Questions

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The Former CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Mt Gox, Mark Karpeles, Has Been Re-arrested

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Mt. Gox Ran Out of Money Six Months Before Going Bust

CCI AG investigation results which where published almost two years ago, became a lead for the Japanese authority’s investigation! See full article here.

Leader of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Arrested in Tokyo

Mark Karpeles, 30, could face up to five years in prison. See full article by Time magazine here.

Deadline for Filing of Bankruptcy Claims Uannouncement

Publsihed by MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee:

Deadline for filing of bankruptcy claims using online method and temporary restriction on functionality of online system (follow-up notice)

To whom it may concern,

As announced in the document titled “Deadline for filing of bankruptcy claims using online method and temporary restriction on functionality of online system” dated July 6, 2015 that was made available on the website of MTGOX Co., Ltd. (“MTGOX”),currently, the bankruptcy trustee is accepting bankruptcy claims filed by Users using an online bankruptcy claim filing system (hereinafter referred to as the “System”) that enables users of MTGOX’s Bitcoin exchange (hereinafter the said users will be referred to as “Users”) to make online filings of their bankruptcy claims, etc. at our website ( in relation to MTGOX’s bankruptcy proceedings (case number 2014 (fu) no. 3830 at the Tokyo District Court; hereinafter referred to as the “Bankruptcy Proceedings”) (the “Online Method”). The period for filing bankruptcy claims was until May 29, 2015, but the bankruptcy trustee has been accepting filings of bankruptcy claims after the expiry of the said period.

The bankruptcy trustee decided that the deadline for filing bankruptcy claims using the Online Method will be 12 noon on July 29, 2015 (Japan time).

Therefore, after 12 noon on July 29, 2015 (Japan time), the only things that a User will be able to do using the Online Method will be to (i) view bankruptcy claims that he or she has filed himself or herself and (ii) transfer his or her bankruptcy claims to another person. Further details regarding transfers of claims which are mentioned in sub-paragraph (ii) will be announced through the MTGOX website ( at a later time. However, nearer the time of distribution, the bankruptcy trustee is planning to give Users an opportunity to use the System again to make changes to the details of their bankruptcy claims other than increasing the amount of the bankruptcy claims that Users have filed (for example, changes in their addresses or company names) (Users will not be able to file new bankruptcy claims or to increase the amount of the bankruptcy claims that they have filed).

General instructions and FAQs regarding filling of bankruptcy claims and details of how to file a bankruptcy claim if you are unable to use the System, etc. are available in the news release section of the MTGOX website ( Please read these news releases as well.

This e-mail address ( is used only for the purpose of sending messages, and we are unable to check or respond to any replies sent to this e-mail address. We intend to provide information regarding the Bankruptcy Proceedings by posting it on MTGOX’s website (, so please check this website on a regular basis.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Bankrupt MtGox Co., Ltd. bankruptcy trustee, attorney-at-law, Nobuaki Kobayashi

Trustee Extends Online Deadline for Mt Gox Claimants

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Silk Road and Mt Gox Linked by Transactions to Major Bitcoin Players Since 2009 ‘Big Bang’

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Mt. Gox Customers Can Now File Claims for Their Lost Bitcoins

A notice issued recently instructs customers to log-in into their Mt. Gox account at, from where they can make their attempt at reclamation. Read more.

Failed Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Gets US Bankruptcy Protection

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CoinLab Agrees to Support Mt. Gox’s U.S. Bankruptcy Efforts

Bitcoin company CoinLab Inc. has thrown its support behind Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s U.S. bankruptcy case, a change of course for CoinLab, which has sued Mt. Gox for $75 million. Full article.

CCI has tracked unusual financial behaviour among Mt. Gox related parties. These financial activities include buying properties, opening bank accounts, transferring money in large volumes.

The Willy Report

A comprehensive analysis of Mt. Gox trade logs sheds light on past price changes of bitcoin. The report can be found here.

Press Release by Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee

An announcement of commencement of bankruptcy proceedings has been published on Mt. Gox’s website by the bankruptcy trustee.

CCI has started tracking individuals’ social networks connecting Mt. Gox employees, managers, and interested parties with various bank employees. A close study shows the unexplained level of connections, between Mt. gox related parties, and several bank employees.

Tracing Wire Transfers

CCI succeeded in following some of the bank transfers made two weeks prior to Mt. Gox collapse. CCI suspects that some of the transfers made by Mt. Gox clients have been deliberately delayed by banking elements, but allegedly were in direct contact with Mt. Gox employees. Up to this point, no proof was given by either of the banks, to support their claims that the money arrived in Mt. Gox clients accounts.

Negotiation With Banks

Recently, CCI started negotiations on behalf of a group of Mt. gox customers, with a German bank and a Swiss bank, regarding the whereabouts of clients’ wire transfers. Up to this point the banks were not able to prove the funds whereabouts.

Were Funds Transferred to Lithuanian Bank After Mt. Gox Collapsed?

CCI checks if funds that belong to Mt.Gox customers were transferred from Mt.Gox accounts to certain Lithuanian bank after Mt.Gox’ collapse.

CCI Uncovers Connection Between Polish and Japanease Banks

CCI discovered connection between key personnel of Polish and Japanease banks which allegedly participated in an unorthodox transfer of information regarding Mt. Gox.

Swiss Banks Loyalty Liabilities

CCI investigates if specific Swiss banks were in contact with the Polish bank prior to Mr. Gox collapse. In similar vein the investigation concentrates on the issue of the diligent work of compliance departments of these banks regarding Mt.Gox stability.

CCI suspects that crucial information that was collected by the Swiss banks, was not given to the Swiss bank clients, as such information could have influenced the clients decisions regarding money transfers to their Mt. Gox accounts. CCI attorneys check the Swiss banks’ loyalty liabilities regarding their customers.

Bank Refuses to Share Information of the Whereabouts of Money Deposits

CCI is investigating Mt. Gox customer complaints regarding bank transfers that were executed months prior to Mt. Gox collapse. Тhese customer complaints include that they haven’t bought any Bitcoins with the transferred money and thus those specific funds should have been at the Mt. Gox Polish bank. When the customers confronted Mt. Gox Polish bank it refuses to provide any information regarding the money’s whereabouts.

Court Rejects Bankruptcy Protection for Mt. Gox

TOKYO (AP) — The Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange in Tokyo is headed for liquidation after a court rejected its bankruptcy protection application. See full article here.

Was EU Banking Regulation Violated?

CCI checks alleged allegation, was EU regulation regarding transparency violated by Mt. Gox bankers?

The Relation Between Mt. Gox’s Polish Bankers and the Public.

CCI examines structure and behaviour of Mt. Gox’s Polish bankers towards Mt. Gox’s clients. Especially regarding client education by Mt. Gox Polish bank. In most of the cases the Polish bank refuses to give any kind of information. CCI checks its motives.

Mt. Gox Does Not Reveal Necessary Info Regarding Its Insurance

CCI started checking leads regarding insurance functioning within Mt. Gox and related parties.

Complaint Received From Bulgarian Customs Regarding Mt. Gox Transfers

Complaints were made by a group of Bulgarian Bitcoin investors, regarding information received from their banks when trying to transfer money to their Mt. Gox accounts. CCI examination shows similarity between Polish and Bulgarian banks.

CCI Checks Mt. Gox Company Structure

It seems that Mt. Gox was managed under a structure that separated employees and holdings in several companies, in which Mt. Gox was the coordinator. CCI experienced a severe lack of information, although such information should have been accessible to the public by law.

Swiss Banks Clients Complain Regarding Money Transfers

From data collected by CCI, the following anomalies raised:

  • Around 20% of money transfers which allegedly fail to arrive to their Mt. Gox account originated from Swiss banks.
  • The majority of these clients are not from Swiss origin.

Banks Knowledge Regarding Mt. Gox

Did several European banks know about Mt. Gox liquidity problems previous to its bankruptcy? CCI study regarding European bank policies raises questions regarding repeated patterns of information manipulation.

CCI Investigates Vircurex Money Transfers

Alleged accusations were made by Vircurex clients regarding money transferred to their account. CCI checks correlation between the previous mode of operation regarding Mt. Gox’s clients money transfers.

Public Investigation Begins

The covert phase of the investigation is done, CCI now opens the investigation to the public for inquiries, public input and insight.